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I write and share custom songs based on real love stories. As a serial entrepreneur, I also love to showcase other businesses that I am trying or that my listeners have started.

This is also my outlet to talk lifestyle, entertainment, and politics. I share my favorite books, podcasts, and new topics I'm learning about. It all comes from the point of view of a Latter-day Saint, libertarian, and Disney Nerd. Enjoy the fun!

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About the Host

Chelsea Robson

Chelsea Robson creates custom, broadcast quality, songs for individuals and businesses about love, hope, and overcoming obstacles.

Chelsea has literally grown up on stage. On her own and at her family’s business, a western dinner theater, she has performed over 100 shows a year since she was 4 years old

She’s an entrepreneur, podcaster, classically trained vocal artist, and songwriter. She attended Berklee College of Music online, speaks 3 languages, and has had songs used in national brand advertising.

Her YouTube channels have over 7.5 million views. Her podcasts have had over a million downloads, have been featured on the “New and Noteworthy” section on iTunes twice, and have been nominated for 3 podcasting awards.